Resource Alternatives Consulting

Smart Solutions for Small Business

Why Resource Alternatives?

Most small business owners are technical experts, but they don't have experience in running a small business - the "back office" day to day management.  Resource Alternatives can help - we can be your back office while you gain the necessary experience.  We can handle specific projects, short or long term assignments.  Your business may need support in a specific area, or may need the expertise of an entire senior management team; call us - we can help at a fraction of the cost for a full time hire. 

With over 40 years of combined comprehensive business experience in the areas of Business Planning, Operations, Human Resources and Compliance the associates and strategic partners of Resource Alternatives will help you launch or grow your business or practice. 

Our Commitment:

  • We will care about your business as much as you do
  • We will never promise more than we can deliver
  • We will always provide straightforward advice and support with your needs in mind, not ours
  • We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guaranteed policy - it's not right, unless you are satisfied

Resource Alternatives Consulting can offer you several different packages based on your needs.  We can provide you with:

Project Rates - Based on the scope of the project we will provide you with a flat fee to complete the project.  This is great for specific projects with clear objectives and allows you to manage your cash flow.  You will receive regular statements, a project time line and a detailed scope of work.

Monthly Retainers - Monthly retainer amounts will vary based on your company needs, but if you need ongoing support this is a good option.  You know exactly what your costs will be monthly, you will receive biweekly statements and on-site support as well as unlimited phone support.

Hourly Rates - If your cash flow is variable and you can't commit to a project rate or monthly retainer we will bill you hourly.  Hourly rates are set at the beginning of the project and are billed weekly.  Based on the scope of the project we will give you an estimate of the hours required to complete your project.  Because we bill weekly, you will know exactly how much time we have into your project. 

For more information or a free initial consultation contact: or call us at 609 647-4647.